Dive into precision performance

Sample of the Sunshine skyway in a whole new light

Allowing everyone to view the world from a different perspective

Osprey UAV Services believes in viewing the world from angles only few can capture. Being able to target moments that show the true natural beauty of a subject. 

Soaring above and beyond, guaranteeing 100% satisfaction with our services. Never settling for status quo, but focused on creating a masterpiece. 

Working hand and hand with clients to manufacture a finish product above and beyond imagined. We strongly encourage clients hopes and dreams to be expressed. 

At Osprey, we are not here to deliver a product one will like. The secret to our success is delivering a product one will love! Our dedication to superior satisfaction is the beat to this company's heart. With a "roll up the sleeves and get it done" mentality but never sacrificing quality. 

Name's Simon Sanchez, Owner and Part 107 Commercial UAS Pilot here at Osprey UAV Services. I founded this company to bring a product to the world not many knew they would need. Being able to continuously think outside the box and create an art work out of something as simple as the world we thought we knew. Using professional grade drones and digital media skills, I have never fell short of the "Wow" factor with my clients. Taking in all your ideas for what you envision, and adding that special touch Osprey UAV Services is known for. Feel free to call, text, email or message me on Facebook. Thank you! 

Divine Services

Real estate 

  • Interior imaging

  • Exterior aerial photography

  • Videography

  • Full final graded photo/video available

Company Advertisement 

  • Aerial Photography/Videography 

  • Ground Photography/Videography 

  • Create Company Commercials

  • Social Media Content Creator 

Aerial specialist 

  • Aerial Photography and videography 

  • Vessel

  • Vehicle 

  • Action Sports

  • Party/Events

Construction services

  • Progression build updates

  • Time lapse videography 

  • Finish work imagining 

  • Fleet photography 

  • Panoramic site Imaging 

  • Photo/video Advertising Services 

  • Home progression build Services 

Booking, questions or concerns please contact.

6223 Muck Pond Rd
Seffner FL, 33484 



 Mon-Fri: 7 am-8pm
 Sat-Sun: Appointment Only


Pricing is based on the services inquired or a package requested. All drone aerial work is done in 4k and above but can be reduced if requested. All interior images are done in high resolution and are graded photos. 

As Always, Veteran and First Responder Discounts Apply

At Osprey UAV Services we are Part 107 Commercial Drone Pilots and fully Insured. All prices are based off of the high quality content services we provide.